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Porter Finance is a SCAM !

Wed Oct 25, 2017 2:40 am

I started transactions and trade with Porter Finance since 24th Aug. 2016, and the last transactions were on 28th Feb. 2017 when the last 4 trades matured.
I was told I could not withdraw any cash from my account until my trades matured, which was an excuse.When all the trades matured matured, I requested online & also by emails for 100% withdrawal, but got no response, except an internet auto reply.

I then found out from internet that this company has shut down !

I have reported this scam to Fraud Action. Police.UK last week. Ref# NFRC170301770452.

I have full documentation that support :

1) Transaction history
2) Banking history - CDN $ 14,200 in total have been paid into my account since 24th Aug 2016.

There was no more trade or transactions since 28th Feb. 2017 when the 4 trades matured.

The cash balance in my account is CDN $ 10,107/-.

I wrote several emails to Porter Finance to demand refund , and also made phone callse. At first someone would answer, but no one followed up or respond until everything went silent, no one answered the phone, and now the website is closed down.

There are many like me who have lost money to Porter Finance as I found out from the internet.

Porter Finance is fraudulent and a scam.

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